how information technology impacts every aspect of modern life

One of the themes of the semester has been how information technology impacts every aspect of modern life, both professionally and privately. For this assignment, write an essay of about 500 words (just under 2 double-spaced pages) describing your view of how you think IS/IT will impact your career. A good place to start is with your expected major at graduation and what you would like your first job to be, along with your subsequent expected career path. How do you think IS/IT will change things in your expected field? Or will it? This is not a research project. It is about your viewpoint. The main goal of this assignment is to get you to think about how the topics we have discussed this semester will or will not impact your future, as well as what kind of future you want. You can take any position you like but you must give valid reasons to support your position. Your essay will be graded based upon the level of reflection apparent in your writing. To that end, short submissions typically indicate little reflection.

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I’m working on a grammar presentation and need support to help me study.Taking Notes on Note CardsEIGHT GUIDELINES FOR NOTECARDSSTEP 1:Place only one note on the slide. You areresponsible for creating a minimum of30 slides.STEP 2:Write the source number in the upper-right-handcorner of each slide. On each cardtake notes from only one source.STEP 3:Write about only one main idea. You willbe able to arrange and rearrangeyour notes according to theirmain ideas.STEP 4:Write a heading-a key word or phrase-at the top of slide. The headingindicates the main idea discussedon the notecard. Usually the headingis one the topics or subtopics in your workingoutline.STEP 5:Make a conscious effort to use your ownwords when you take notes. Itmay help to explain to yourself whatthe author has written, then write that explanation onyour note. You do not need to write incomplete sentences.STEP 6:Enclose direct quotations in large quotationmarks. Make sure you have quotedword for word, exactly as the author wrote it.STEP 7:You are placing notes on a Google Slides fromthe internet. This means that you mayor may not have page numbers. Whether a pagenumber is available, if there is more than one page,number the pages.STEP 8:Before going on to a new slide, double-checkto see that you have written the sourcenumber and page numbers.3The Great GatsbyF. Scott Fitzgerald letter to Maxwell Perking (editor)About plans for 3rd novel:“I want to write something new–something extraordinaryand beautiful and simple and intricately patterned.”p. 21Meaning of utopiaUtopia (“not a place”). Made up by Sir Thomas More,Name of island and ideal society in his essay Utopia1516. Utopia and utopian = any ideal society.3
Requirements: 30 slides