I’m working on a gender studies writing question and need support to help me und

I’m working on a gender studies writing question and need support to help me understand better.QTJ Entries: Identify a key term encountered in course texts and/or films from the appropriate course unit. In 400-450 words, develop a focused analysis of this term as it appears in two separate sources. How do two different thinkers define and use this term? Write in the third person, avoiding “we” and “they” statements. Provide in-text citations for sources used, directing your readers to key passages. Use either the APA or Chicago Style Guide for citations; no additional “References” or “Works Cited” section is needed. I encourage you to choose key terms and course materials that stimulate, excite, and challenge you. Important instruction: Your entries should end with a question that you would like to ask the group. Please, finally, sign off with a brief bio, to share a little about yourself (you’re welcome to use the same bio line you used for QTJ Entry #1, or write a different one).
QTJ Responses: In about 200 words, respond to two peers’ entries and questions as indicated in the course schedule. In your responses, you should write in the first person. You may offer critical affirmations, pose follow-up questions, and share resources and references. While you are only responsible for responding to two writers’ entries each round, you are encouraged to read everyone’s entries. I ask that you respond to different writers each time. Since we are a large group, for each round of QTJ Entries and Responses, you will be placed into a smaller group.
QTJ Entries & Responses: What matters most is that your writing facilitates honest and thoughtful reflection. The process of writing should help lean in to texts and films more deeply, and to think more carefully about ideas that might not make sense right away. Examples will be provided. Both entries and responses are graded for completion. To receive credit, you must fulfill all assignment criteria. You are always welcome to discuss your writing in office hours.
Requirements: 400-450words   |   .doc file