Set the example

Set the example

Being a credible leader means you have to ______ the shared values and _______ them to others.

Why is it important to practice what you preach as a leader?

What is the clearest indicator of what is important to you as a leader?

What is to be said about leaders and the language they use?

What is to be said about feedback as a leader? What does it promote?

What is necessary to providing good feedback?

role of credibility

What is the most powerful currency you have as a leader? What is to be said about recognition and celebrations?

What is to be said about leadership and relationships?

What are the top 10 characteristics of admired leaders?

What is the role of credibility in leadership?

What does DWYSYWD stand for? Why is this important?

classroom rules

Ms. Gardner teaches seventh-grade science. For the first time in her career, her room is equipped with several lab stations. Because of this, she plans to have her students perform more hands-on experiments. She is excited by this prospect but also concerned that her students will be disruptive as they go to their lab stations and work in small groups. She is also concerned that her students will get hurt if they are not careful at the lab stations. To alleviate her concerns, help Ms. Gardner:

a. Develop a set of classroom rules

b. Create at least three procedures for walking to and working at the lab stations


philosophy of education

Create a school: Name your school, state what philosophy of education this school adheres to. Write a mission statement for a school that reflects the chosen philosophy of education. (Short and to the point – 1 paragraph)
ii. Write a cover letter applying to this school. In your cover letter, make 5 strong clear statements about why you are a good fit for this school based on key features of their philosophy of education. The Cover Letter should be no more than 2-3 pages double spaced.