biotite mica and muscovite mica

. What physical feature most distinguishes biotite mica from muscovite mica? __________________________


. Name a mineral that exhibits the physical properties listed below. (use the Photos in the upload, if needed)


One direction of cleavage: ________________________

Striations: ________________________

Multiple Colors: __________________

Cubic cleavage: ______________________

Nonmetallic, vitreous luster: ______________________

Fracture: _____________________

Metallic luster: _____________________


The Study of Minerals


What term is used to describe the shape of a mineral that has three directions of cleavage that intersect at 90-degree angels? _______________________________


3. Describe the cleavage fo the minerals listed below. include the number of directions and degrees of cleavage angles (if appropriate).


Muscovite: _____________________

Calcite: _______________________

Halite: ______________________

Feldspar: _____________________

The Study of Minerals

The Study of Minerals

Name the physical property (hardness, color, streak, etc.) described by each of the following statements.


Breaks along smooth planes: ___________________________________

Scratches glass: _______________________________________

Shines like metal: __________________________________

Scratching produces a red powder: _____________________________

Looks like broken glass: ______________________________