This video focuses on Esports: “The Esports Evolution: What’s Next in Gaming.” T

This video focuses on Esports: “The Esports Evolution: What’s Next in Gaming.” The video can be accessed using the following web-link:
Instruction: Please watch the video and summarize the main points (at least 10 different points) that you have learned from the panel in a minimum of 2 pages (double space) and maximum of 3 pages (double space). Your report is expected to be comprehensive and detailed.
Prepare the assignment in the following format:
·  Introduction (e.g., an introduction of what you have learned in brief)
·  Body of the paper (i.e., the ten different points that you have learned from the video).
·  A conclusion (at least three sentences – summarizing what you have learned watching the video).
The paper should be typed, double-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman, cover page, use APA style. Margins must be set at one inch from top, bottom, left and right.

Now let’s promote it using Twitter and Facebook. Let’s come up with a tweet and

Now let’s promote it using Twitter and Facebook. Let’s come up with a tweet and a status that promote (and direct) readers to the article. They must be more creative. Don’t simply repeat the headline. Really write. Think about it. Try out different things. Creative wording is key here so it doesn’t read like something from a bulleted list. Use hashtags and mentions. (If you don’t have a Twitter or Facebook, you can use or tweetgen)

In your paper, write 3 personal examples in separate paragraphs of the change er

In your paper, write 3 personal examples in separate paragraphs of the change errors you made based on what you learned in Cameron & Green, Chapter 1 Individual Change. 
The purpose of this assignment is for you to reflect and recognize success or failure in the process of personal change that has occurred in our daily activities, how these changes can affect individuals (you or somebody else), teams, communities, or organizations. By recognizing the errors, how will you able to prevent a failure in the process of change next time it occurs.
If you choose an example of a successful change effort, you need to explain what you did right to make it successful. If you did it right, what can you do to make it better? 
If you made an error, what changes do you need to make to be successful? What went wrong, what you should have done differently. If you have an opportunity to do this again, what improvements will be add to this change process.
Assignment Guidelines
· Minimum 2 pages, double-spaced.
· Must be APA 7. 
· Make sure to use correct APA in-text citations for paraphrased ideas and quoted text.

The first step to understanding photographs is to dissect what it is that you ar

The first step to understanding photographs is to dissect what it is that you are is seeing on the most basic levels. Once we spell out what it is we are looking at we can begin to talk about how various elements within the photograph affect our perception or response to the image.
CHOOSE one photograph from this folder to write about.
INCLUDE the photograph at the beginning of the document.
INTRODUCE the photograph. Begin by stating the name of the artist, photograph, and year it was made.
DESCRIPTION: Go through the following elements (in whatever order you please) and for each,
describe what you see (quite literally)
ex: The image has very low contrast, the darkest tones and the lightest tones are both very grey.
describe the effect of each element on the reading of the image as a whole
Try using these statements to guide you:
It makes me think of….
It reminds me of….
It makes it/me feel….
ex: The lack of contrast in the image makes it feel dull, or sullen, and a bit lifeless.
Ex: The ______ (element descriptors) contribute to an overall feeling of _______.
Contrast: Is there a big difference between the brightness of the highlights and the shadows of the image? (High or low contrast)
Where is the light coming from?
Is it harsh or soft lighting?
Is the overall image very dark or very light?
Are there warm (reds and oranges) or cold colors (blues and greens)?
Saturated (deep tones of colors) or unsaturated (lighter tones)?
Is the photograph in greyscale (black and white)?
What part of the photograph is in focus (not blurry)? What parts are out of focus?
What is causing the blur? Take a guess! Lens out of focus? Motion blur?
What kinds of lines are visible; rectilinear, curvilinear?
How does line lead your eye around the photograph? Notice how your eyes move around the page and describe it.
Focal Point
What part of the photograph seems to be the focal point, or the most notable part? Is there one part your eye is drawn back to as you look longer?
What are the textures in the photo, do the surfaces look soft, rough, scratchy, smooth?
Subject Matter
What is being depicted in the image? What objects, people, or places do we see, what don’t we see?
How are the observed nouns? Are they in action, still, with expression?
Describe these in as much detail as possible! Instead of words like normal, average, or typical, describe what it is that you mean. Write so that we can picture the image without ever seeing it.
RESPOND to the image.
What larger concepts might the image be connected to?
Why did you choose the image?
Did you find the photograph interesting, captivating, moving, or challenging? Why? 

propose a solution to the problem of mass incarceration. What is the most signif

propose a solution to the problem of mass incarceration. What is the most significant factor that causes it (e.g. uneven policing, corporate interests, the school to prison pipeline, economic disparities, etc.)? What measures should lawmakers take; or, what measures can we, as community members and/or university students and faculty, take to address it? What, in your opinion, is the most and strategic effective solution to the problem? Your proposal may focus on a possible solution for the problem on a national, statewide, and/or local scale.
Write an essay proposing a solution to a problem.
Your research-based argument essay will cover a problem faced by a community or group to which you belong—anticipating supporting and counter arguments to the proposed solution.

Pick one of the 2 (Buddhist Syllogism or Meditation)… The Buddhist Syllogism:

Pick one of the 2 (Buddhist Syllogism or Meditation)…
The Buddhist Syllogism:
“Good” is a judgment.
Judgments are a form of attachment. 
Attachments are the source of all misery and pain.
Nirvana is release from all misery and pain through the practice of non-attachment.
So Nirvana is bliss.
But if  “good” is a judgement and judgements are a form of attachment, and attachments are the source of all misery then  those who say Nirvana (or bliss) is good thereby prevent themselves from attaining it 
So you must not believe that nirvana is not good….OR you must not want to be in a state of enlightenment…. OR you must not prefer bliss to pain….
Attainment of Nirvana is impeded by desire to attain it.  If you want to be without suffering, you will suffer.  How, then, does one attain Nirvana?
Above is a traditional discussion on the nature of Nirvana (the ultimate goal of Buddhism.) For this discussion board  state why you agree or disagree with the above assessment of the Nature of Nirvana. 
Meditation is one means of practicing non-attachment, leading to enlightenment.
In some traditions a first step in learning meditation is learning to distinguish the receptive mind from the reactive mind.  In meditation, primacy is given to the receptive mind.  Reactive states are not to be reacted to, but received.  The habitual awareness and non-attachment that result from this practice is called “mindfulness”.
In the meditation drama below, which response is the best example of mindfulness?  Why?
Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Breathe in.  Breathe out. I’d kill for a Big Mac.  Breathe in.
(a) Damn! My mind is so unruly.  I’ll never get it under control.
(b) What kind of Buddhist gets distracted by McDonald’s?  How embarrassing.
(c) Ah, wishing.  It is so hard to stay focused.
(d) Impermanence is the nature of all things.  The satisfaction from a Big Mac is fleeting.  Your goal is eternal bliss.
(e) None of the above is mindful.  A better response would be:
taken from Spot (Links to an external site.)
Your initial response should be clear and support your view. Write about in your initial post with a minimum length of 175 words.
No References 

Interview Guide For this assignment, you will develop a 2–4-page interview guide

Interview Guide
For this assignment, you will develop a 2–4-page interview guide for a research study, focusing on issues of work–life balance for online learners in a business or technology program. The questions in the interview guide must: Be conceptually valid, Flow logically from the concepts and theories that you plan to explore in your research, Generate the type of data you are seeking.  
Note: You can also use articles apart from the attached articles but make sure to use the attached articles,
For this assignment, review the articles attached about work–life balance and online learners. The research purpose you construct in the next step must be developed from concepts described in one or more of these articles.
1.  Construct a research purpose statement based on selected references that is informed by an abbreviated theoretical framework and includes the research methodology and a construct of the central phenomenon, experience/event, or process that will be the focus of the study. To do this, develop a research purpose using an abbreviated theoretical framework. The research purpose must be developed from concepts described in one or more of the articles on work–life balance for online learners. Use the following research purpose template adapted from Creswell (2009) to develop your research purpose statement:(1 PAGE)
The purpose of this _________________ (exploratory/generic qualitative inquiry, phenomenological, case study, grounded theory, Delphi) research is to ________ (understand, describe, develop, discover) the ________ (central phenomenon, experience/event, process) for online learners in a business or technology doctoral program informed by the ________(theoretical framework). At this stage in the research, the ______ (central phenomenon, experience/event, process) being studied will be generally defined as ____________ (provide a credibly supported definition). 
2.  Construct a research question or questions, and sub-questions, as needed. The questions must clearly align with the research purpose statement, use constructs from the purpose statement, and be characteristic of the chosen methodology. Specifically, as you write the research questions, ensure. There is a clear link between the research purpose and research questions. The questions must explicitly speak to the phenomenon, experience/event, or process and the associated constructs under study. The constructs in the questions are identical to those discussed in the purpose and the selected theoretical framework. The primary research question re-casts the purpose in question form. Sub-questions, if needed, represent deeper or further inquiry into relevant sub-issues such as constructs of the overarching phenomenon, experience/event, or processes under study. The research questions are characteristic of the research methodology and align with the methodological approach (exploratory/generic qualitative inquiry, phenomenological, case study, grounded theory, Delphi) identified in the research purpose.(1 PAGE)
3.  Develop 8–10 open-ended interview questions that will be responsive to the research question and are appropriate for the collection of data from your population. Order the questions to promote logical interview flow, ease of interaction, and rapport-building between the interviewer and interviewees. Be sure the questions flow logically from the research purpose and research question, are suitably worded for your population (online learners), and will successfully capture the data you seek in response to your research question.(1 PAGE)
4.  Construct a chart to show how each proposed question relates to the research purpose, research question, and key concepts or theories.Be sure to use wording that is clear and suitable for your population (sample of participants), yet is consistent with good scholarly writing and free of grammatical or other mechanical errors.(1 PAGE)
Must include 7-8 references related to focusing on issues of work–life balance for online learners in a business or technology program
Submission Requirements
Your assignment should meet the following requirements:
·  Written communication: Written communication must be grammatically correct and free of errors that detract from the overall message. Writing should be consistent with graduate-level scholarship.
·  Length of paper: 4 double-spaced pages.
·  APA format: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA style and formatting.
·  Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.
·  Format: Document is submitted in .doc or .docx file format.
Use below articles to support your content in the paper
Goodall, H., & Keyworth, A. (2016). The balancing act: Combining higher level study with work and family life.
Khan, O. F., & Fazili, A. I. (2016). Work life balance: A conceptual review [PDF]. Journal of Strategic Human Resource Management, 5(2), 20–25.
Romero, M. (2011). Distance learners’ work life learning balance [PDF]. International Journal of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning, 8(5), 43–48. Retrieved from
Ross, J. P., Intindola, M. L., & Boje, D. M. (2017). It was the best of times; it was the worst of rimes: The expiration of work–life balance. Journal of Management Inquiry, 26(2), 202–215.
Symeonides, R., & Childs, C. (2015). The personal experience of online learning: An interpretative phenomenological analysis. Computers in Human Behavior, 51, 539–545.
Zembylas, M. (2008). Adult learners’ emotions in online learning. Distance Education, 29(1), 71–87.
Korean films did not receive as much attention as other parts of the Korean Wave, such as K-pop and K-drama, from the 2000s to the 2010s, but they have steadily grown their influence in Asia. 
– What is the most impressive part of the Korean movie that you learned in today’s lecture? 
– Is there any change in your impression of Korean movies that you have known so far? 
– If you already knew about the Korean Wave in Korean movies, share your personal experiences.
There are several national film markets opposing Hollywood movies that have dominated the global film market for a long time. For example, India, France, Germany, Japan, and China have consistently maintained their own film markets. 
– Compared to these countries, what are the noticeable differences in Korean movies?

Assignment Background Case studies provide an opportunity to apply the ethical f

Assignment Background
Case studies provide an opportunity to apply the ethical frameworks to real business decisions.  Working through an ethical reasoning framework will not only introduce students to a process of applying these ethical theories to real-life circumstance, the opportunity to practice this framework will increase the likelihood that students are comfortable leveraging this framework in their careers as business leaders.
Assignment Purpose
This case study is intended to provide students with an introduction to the application of an ethical reasoning framework to a real-world business decision.  This directions for this cast study are the same as for WEEK 4’s case study, but this case is more complex and will require a bit more consideration to work through.
Assignment Requirements
Read the (Black) Marketing “Primo” in Rohanda case.
Organize your thoughts into the Ethical Reasoning Framework, below:
The Factual Analysis
What are the facts of the case (for us, the business facts) that makes this an interesting situation? You are simply trying to make observations about the important business features of the case. 
Resist the temptation to think about your final recommendation here! You are using both your imagination and your knowledge of the institution of business to explore the facts of this situation first.
The Rationalization Analysis
This analysis consists of thinking about the actual or potential rationalizations that you (or the person making the decision) may have. Sometimes I think of them as “moral excuses.” They are things you tell yourself that shut down real moral thinking. 
Refer to the Ethical Reasoning Framework for explanations of the following rationalizations:
Ends justify the means
Action Analysis
Identify three possible courses of action, then rank them as “bad, good and best.”
Your recommendations should include an explanation of which, if any, of the rationalizations are valid. 

Each student to write one email based on the following scenarios; 1- Give inform

Each student to write one email based on the following scenarios; 1- Give information; You are sending out an Emil to your employees for Christmas party at a downtown hotel, write an email and include driving instruction, and/or location information. 2- Email reply to a request: you work at a company, you can choose any company and [product, a customer asked you for some information about that product, write an email response and give information, make sure to include product benefits. 3-Write a complaint letter; You are a customer who purchased something from online store, the product is faulty, write a email to inform and ask for the outcome of your choice from the seller. 4-Give recommendation; Kes is graduating from VPC next cycle, and Kes asked you to give him a letter of recommendation so he can give it to the manager of Fairmont Hotel in downtown. Write a letter addressed to Fairmont Hotel and say why you recommend Kes for this job and any other things you can say to support his credibility. 5- Write a thank you letter; You do business with someone from Microsoft, the manager at Microsoft took you out for dinner last night. You must write a letter saying that you and express your appreciation. Please write these in one document, different pages. They are all emails, so please use email format, including subject line.