For this assignment students submit 3(sl) to 5(hl) new screenshots as well as th

For this assignment students submit 3(sl) to 5(hl) new screenshots as well as the
edited version of their completed process portfolio. The process portfolio must
evidence their sustained experimentation, exploration, manipulation and refinement
of a variety of art-making activities.
SL: The submitted work must be in at least two art-making forms, each from
separate columns of the art-making forms table.
Assessment Criteria: Process portfolio
A Skills, techniques and processes
B Critical investigation
C Communication of ideas and intentions
D Reviewing, refining and reflecting
E Presentation and subject-specific language
– Make sure to balance between visual and text on each page
– Make sure evidence is shown for the ideas.
– Explanation more of the meaning of each element used.
–¬† Should link the artist work with you own work, try to test her techniques, compare etc.
– Need to explain how you got your inspiration , showing a DEEP investigation into artist artwork if not shown.
– Remove repeated¬† point about Covid 19. What didn’t work with you exactly? evaluate your work using art specific language, put your reflection within the page, do not put it in a separate page.
Guiding question for artist inspiration that can help:
How does this artist influence my work? PP crit B pdf
Why did you look at this artist, what interests you about her work?
Have the ideas or concepts explored been of particular interest to you, why?
Have the techniques or materials used by this artist influenced you and how?
Has the artists style impacted your work in any way?
How do you feel you have responded to this artists influence in your own work?
Please read everything and check all the documents I have attached (See other SL samples if needed)  also add or remove anything you think is necessary + edit. The last two documents are the same it is the one to be worked on.