Answer this question in 1,200-1,800 words, and citations are not necessary: How

Answer this question in 1,200-1,800 words, and citations are not necessary:
How was Ancient Mesopotamia characteristic of civilization in general? Why is it the first society in which detailed historical study is possible? You should make references from the Uruk Period down to the Old Babylonian Period under Hammurabi (4300-1750 BC). There are lots of topics to write about: politics, religion, society, economy, art, etc. Briefly discuss the significance of the Assyrian Empire or Persian Empire. If you need an additional topic–let me know how Ancient Israel and the rise of Monotheism fits into the study of the Ancient Near East [this would be optional].
In the final part of your essay, please do the following: Read the excerpts from the Analyzing Primary Sources
A. “The Code of Hammurabi”. What does this law code tell us about the complexities of ancient Mesopotamian society.
B. “The Diplomacy of Mycenaeans and the Hittites”. What does this letter reveal about Late Bronze Age (ca. 1200 BCE) diplomacy

Checklist: Do not use a standard essay format. Provide each component clearly an

Checklist: Do not use a standard essay format. Provide each component clearly and distinctly.
Two paragraphs comparing two selected documents.
One thesis statement
One discussion question
Content Expectations:
Step ONE: Identify the nature of the source material. Which readings are primary or secondary sources? Are they fictional works or do they present any evident bias?
Step TWO: Choose TWO READINGS from the assigned documents to perform a compare/contrast analysis.  Video material is not acceptable in this assignment.
If you choose a primary and a secondary source, then think about how the primary source fits into the narrative/position of the secondary source.
If you choose two primary sources, then compare how they represent different viewpoints or perspectives on important issues.
If there is only one assigned reading, then extract two meaningful examples instead of comparisons.
Step THREE: Draw TWO meaningful comparisons between the two documents that reveals important insight into the historical period/topic of the week. The comparison may be any similarity or difference, but should focus on explaining how it helps historians understand the past. Think about how and why things happened the way they did. Figure out what you think is the most significant SIMILARITY between the two passages.
Consider the author’s perspective (national origin, class, ideology etc) for each document.
STEP FOUR: If these documents were the source material for your research project, what would your preliminary research question or thesis statement be? This should be no more than two sentences and cover the main idea that you would try to argue.
Ex. Using the works of Robespierre and St. Just, this paper will argue that the violence of the French Revolution was created by their interpretation of the needs of the French nation rather than their philosophical beliefs.
Be ambitious but with limits. Lay out a provable case that makes a strong a point, regardless of whether you are fully convinced that it is the case. You will be evaluated on the composition and effect of the ideas rather than the perfectness of the answer.
Step FIVE: Create one discussion question that you can propose to the class during seminar. It should be a ‘why’ problem that poses an issue for debate rather than demanding a specific factual answer. Ex. ‘Why didn’t Frankenstein name the Creature?” instead of “Did Frankenstein name the Creature?”
Do NOT use quotations or paraphrase the document. You may refer to specific passages but do not summarize the document. “ex. Where Thomas Paine talked about hereditary right, he was focused on the legitimacy of an absolute monarchy.” The paper should consist entirely of your own ideas and opinions about the sources using a compare/contrast approach. Therefore, citations should never be required. If you do quote/paraphrase then include citations.

Your essay should be at least 1 ½ pages in length.  Please keep your heading inf

Your essay should be at least 1 ½ pages in length.  Please keep your heading information at the TOP of the first page.  Font should be Times New Roman, 12 point with unadjusted margins.  If you use a source other than the one provided or class notes, you must make a Works Cited Page giving your citation information.  
The Law Code of Hammurabi. Written around 1750 BC  (selected laws)
If a man lies in court in a case involving a death sentence, that man shall be put to death.
If a man lies in court in exchange for a bribe of grain or money, he shall himself bear the penalty imposed in that case.
If a man breaks a hole in a house, they shall put him to death in front of that hole and they shall thrust him into the hole.
If a fire breaks out in a man’s house and another man goes to extinguish the fire and steals, that man shall be thrown into that fire.
If a man divorces a wife who has not borne him children, he shall give her back the money in her marriage settlement.
If a son strikes his father, they shall cut off his fingers.
If a man destroys the eye of another man, his eye shall be destroyed.
If one man breaks another man’s bone, they shall break his bone.
If a man knocks out a tooth of a man of his own rank, they shall knock out his tooth.
If a man strikes a man who is his superior, he shall receive 60 strokes with an oxtail in public.
If a builder builds a house for another man and the house collapses and kills the owner, that builder shall be put to death.
Option 2 Essay Questions: In your essay spend time answering all of these questions.
Why is the Law Code of Hammurabi so important?
What is the main premise for this law code?
What one thing stood out to you most in this document?
Who was Hammurabi and what culture did he live in? Give some details about that culture.

Presentation on an early influencer – Karl Marx  1) the leader’s life,  2) the e

Presentation on an early influencer – Karl Marx 
1) the leader’s life, 
2) the era in which the leader lived, the historical time ( 1818 AD – 1883 AD ) and what was important in those times, and explanation on how the dynamics of the era affected the influencer 
3) what you think made that person a great influence on leadership (leadership thought) and  summarize what you have learned from ONE of the early influencers of leadership lecture (concepts from PDF – Week 2 PowerPoint – requirements and rubic on page 37-38)
PPT 5 slides & 2 page presentation note