biomass is being produced with glucose

(1). Consider a 1000L CSTR in which biomass is being produced with glucose as the substrate. The microbial system follows a Monod relationship with;
µmax = 0.4 h-1, Ks = 1.5 g/L, and yield factor Y X/S = 0.5 g biomass/g substrate consumed.

If the normal operation is with a sterile feed containing 10 g/L glucose at a rate of 100 l/h.

(a) What is the specific biomass production rate (g/L-h)

(b) If the recycle is used with a recycle stream of 10 L/h and a recycle biomass concentration five times as large as that in the reactor exit, what would be the new specific biomass production rate?

(c) Explain any difference between the volumes found in part a and b.